So you’ve decided to connect with me,

 Dr. Khadijah X. Chapman 

I am a Radical Wealth Building Strategist.

My number 1 goal is to help you execute in excellence and become a 7-figure earner. If that is your aim, you’ve hit the target!

 I am a no-nonsense, I am intentional, I am passionate, I am radical, I am a movement of millionaires, I have the heart, the passion, the drive and I teach the money game. Matter of fact I teach you how to master the rules of the money game. 
To ensure “My Radical” is a good fit for you
please complete these 3 steps:
Step #1
Watch the webinar
Step #2
Fill out a wealth building questionnaire
about your goals and commitment because, this is all about you. I am here to serve you
Step #3
Connect with me
at to schedule a 15 minute discovery call

(Schedule call only after completing steps 1 and 2)
My promise to you is ..
I will work with you until you receive your investment back, in addition, I offer a Triple-Money-Back guarantee if that is not achieved.

I offer this because I am confident in my abilities.

Investments are sometimes scary, I know because I’ve been there, and I’ve made a promise that when you connect with me, you will be protected by my Triple-Money-Back guarantee.

For all the details, follow the mission as described.
SIDEBAR - (Do not schedule a call with me if you have not completed the first 2 steps of the mission.)

Again, Congratulations!! 

Let’s get you started on to your journey on your Radical Wealth Journey. |  All Rights Reserved  |  All Wrongs Reversed